Client: UGO s.r.l.
Services: Social Media Management, Content Creation

01. Who’s UGO?

UGO is an app thought and born for revolutionising nightlife. Follow your favorite events, get rewards and exclusive deals for your club nights.

I worked as a Social Media Manager, Content Creator and Graphic Designer for the Italian startup UGO from 2016 to 2017 and again later in 2019. During this time I developed a site-specific brand identity, made custom 3D animated GIFs and videos for every client, a weekly/monthly social media plan for every network with every graphic deliverable provided by me. I also created UGO’s blog where I had to manage a team of editors.

Brand Development
Social Media Management
Content Creation

02. Exodia


The creative team and I developed this idea of impersonating UGO in an androgyne figure called Exodia to create a true personality with which people could relate to. So we’ve developed all the 2016 campaign around this character, creating posters, stickers, GIFs, videos, and more.

03. Magazine

We founded the UGO magazine in 2016.

The headlines’ main focus is on music, old and new subcultures, first-person experiences of the nightlife, news and a relaxing sound journey in the Italian music panorama.

04. Social Media

The main goal was the community, so interaction with followers was key.

Our main platform was Instagram so, besides the posts, I created daily Instagram stories about everyday news, quizes, would you rather polls and blog articles to engage as much as we could with users.

Other than that I continued to create content to promote the brand with 3D videos, super cut videos and ad hoc animations for each client.