exhibitions & artistic works

27th September – 5th October 2018

– Bergamo, Italy

IMAGO curiosità visive self-service at Fondazione Adriano Bernareggi

curated by Ludovica Belotti and Martina Cesani

15th November 2017

– The Internet

The Wrong Digital BiennaleInternet Fame pavilion

11th May 2017

– Zaragoza, Spain

The third edition of tres_W digital art exhibition at Las Armas.

15th November 2017

– The Internet

The Wrong Digital BiennaleInternet Fame pavilion

11th May 2017

– Zaragoza, Spain

The third edition of tres_W digital art exhibition at Las Armas.

06 17  February 2017

– London, UK

The Sacred 419 at The Square Gallery

With a relation to the transient connection of online friendships and the effect it has on this current generation, contributing artists have never met face to face, yet have formed bonds and projects separate to the show, which enabled this collaborative project to take place. Themes of addiction, obsession and cyber crime are at the core of the pieces and indirectly translate the unconscious means that formed the relationships.

05 February 2017

– Brescia, Italy

at M bar

An environment that reflects the ‘perfect short circuit’ between the web and the reality, immaterial object and real object. Focused on postinternet sensation, a loss of the meaning of the white cube to the Third Era, a sweet technophilia of the Internet.

20 January 2017 now

at The Internet

Museum of Virtual Art 2 

“The mission of MOVA extends beyond the reach of a post-Fried ambition towards the sterile, autonomous art that has dominated Western discourse, arguably leaving an irreversible lineage of minoritarian-proof traditions in the contemporary academic, intellectual, and artistic spheres.

The mission of MOVA is to open up the possibilities, not only of viewership, but of production to the public communities. This is an act of sociocultural destabilization, as well as (and primarily) a demonstration of the socioeconomic power of the machine in which the entirety of MOVA was produced and can be viewed: the personal computer.” – Nicholas Zhu

19 January 2017

– Bergamo, Italy

ELASTICA – at GiacomQ

Collaborative exhibit between Amarcord, Sleazy Kid and I.

“Time is elastic. We can go away from the event but at some point the elastic snaps and we always come back to it.”
– Nick Cave

Elastica, a project that speaks through sound and imagery, exploring objects passed through the Internet and our clinging to it.
One of the common themes of the web is nostalgia, something that has actually existed. Something that could have been and became only a memory thanks to virtual storyte
lling. Elastica tries to take us in a space and in a time that may have never existed but which we miss.

09 July 2016

New York, New York

at The Hub

Superchief Gallery Soho present Post Vision’s exhibition in partnership with GIPHY
An international exhibition with the artists featured with Post Vision and an exhibit and performances by abbi press & Dirty Chocolate.

15 May 2016

– Palazzolo, Italy

Dada Calling – at
Fondazione Cicogna Rampana – Palazzolo, Italy


An ideal immersive environment created by Marica Martella, Matteo Duccoli and Yaser Ahmady for the anniversary of 100 years of Dadaism.
A fifteenth-century underground icehouse adapted to the present, a gap in both time and space.
Reality is incorporated by the Internet that is regurgitated in the reality to later return into the web, also known as perfect short circuit.

October 2015 November 2015

– Berlin, Germany

Assistant of Riccardo Benassi

Techno Casa – photos of the Environmental installation @ PAC, Milano – 2014 then published in “Techno Casa” by Errant Bodies Press.

Techno Casa Plus − Cristina Rizzo & Riccardo Benassi @ Museion x Bolzano Danza − Video Documentation and video editing – 2015

Phonemenology — The Umbrella Paradigm / Installation Pics and Videos – 2015

Daily Desiderio — / Production assistant 2015 2016

Phonemenology — Post-Ringtone Society / Production assistants – 2016