– 2014

collaborative project with Dario Frettoli

The F//K SIMILE project was inspired by fakes and cons in art. It means to give focus both to art that becomes part of reality and to the concept of relationships.

The work consists in a retrospective of a music band that never really existed. The retrospective is presented as if it was a concert stand so effectively becoming part of reality.

Dario and I had an open mind and we let ourselves be freely influenced by people that for whatever reason have interacted with us during the project.

So F//K SIMILE became more of a sort of collective that develops in the mangle of relationships that we live in day by day.

The whole idea of fake is slowly becoming part of reality starting for example from the fact that the songs from the EP were actually sung and recorded by the girl who was the band’s fake lead singer at first.

The project’s paternity is slowly fading and the work is becoming something that lives off relationships and not a well-defined project anymore in which we’d be the only rule makers.

This concept can be linked to the ideas of American pragmatism perfectly described by Heraclitus’ statement: “No man ever steps in the same river twice”

The exhibit at Academy of Fine Arts G. Carrara.
A “tour” caravan where we sold the band’s gadgets.
We also created the band’s Youtube, Bandcamp, Tumblr accounts, fake flyers and tours.